Our First Legendary Game

by on July 16, 2008

Today is the first day since the launch of this site at Baseballisms.com that we aren’t posting a Quote and a Scoreboard graphic, because we have finally reached the end of the game!

Kirk Gibson willing a home run off of Dennis Eckersley in the 1988 World Series, Dodgers Win 5 – 4.

Our intention with the scoreboard was to choose an actual game, chronicling the progress batter by batter each and every day since Opening Day (U.S.), then see if we could get some curious site visitor to wonder in the comments about which game we were displaying.  The easter egg would start a dialogue among visitors without too much guidance from us.

It has been great fun putting the game together as we had to relive the entire game, noticing who played well, the underlying stories within the game that ultimately got overshadowed by the ending (Dave Stewart’s 8 innings pitched, Alejandro Pena got the win, Grand Slam by Jose Canseco) … and watching the progress as we got a notice that something was happening, all the way up to the final correct answer.

Traffic to the site is just starting to take off so that provided one challenge, we used the Alt Img Tag on the scoreboard to help someone who might roll over the graphic, we had to use Social Media tools like Twitter to help attract some attention, and finally the use of the actual Daily Wisdom Quotes as a final clue to the game itself.

Our Pal at The Launching Pad right here in Atlanta finally pieced it together after yesterday’s post.

Why did we choose this game?

CoolpapaC and I wanted it to be a game that came down to the very end in order to keep the suspense going.  More importantly, we are both big fans of the stories of baseball that can be passed from generation to generation — that’s what Baseballisms are all about — and this is one of those legacy games that will be remembered among the greatest of all time.

We’re also big fans of the great announcers of the game, and the memorable calls that are attached to these moments.  In this game you have two of the all time best:

Vin Scully’s call still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.  Enjoy the tension and drama leading up to it.

And Jack Buck’s immortal “I don’t believe what I just saw!” can be heard on this Radio Hall of Fame page.

We hope you enjoyed this little fun we had … we’re starting again tomorrow with another game under our hat!

If you have a Baseball story that you would like to share, please visit our Upload page. We look forward to receiving it!

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