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Contribute to the Baseballisms Collection! is focused on capturing, curating and preserving a specific niche of American History, the personal stories of baseball fans across the land.  Current technology allows us to collect the stories of individuals, and to maintain them for future generations to explore. Beyond mere technology, Baseballisms recognizes the value of memories and the lessons to be learned from prior generations, as the game itself transcends time.

Baseball stories can provide an anthropological study of society, as well as a peek at family lineage. Using current day internet video and audio technology, will provide descendants the ability to share in a common passion and to hear about personal experiences in the actual voice and image of their ancestors.

Imagine the joy of a youth living in the year 2045 hearing about a poignant baseball moment, as told directly by a great-grandfather captured and preserved on digital video by! Or said grandparent reliving their favorite experience on the diamond, by searching the web site for their message from many years prior ..

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