Major League Bride | Kathleen Lockwood | Baseballisms.comWith great pleasure, we welcome Kathleen Lockwood to the Cover the Bases podcast.  She is the author of Major League Bride: An Inside Look at Life Outside the Ballpark.  The book was published by McFarland & Company in 2010.

Kathleen has been married to former major leaguer Skip Lockwood for over 40 years, the first 12 years of the journey while he pursued a career as a professional baseball player.  The Lockwoods endured six teams, thirty five residences, trade rumors and a career threatening injury in pursuit of this career.  This book  is an inside look at what it means to fall in love, maintain a marriage, and start a family while attending to big league dreams.

There is a positive side to this story that Kathleen felt needed to be told during this era in baseball of steroid related turmoil.  It is a way to shine a light on the positive relationships that she had built up with other families in the same circumstances.  She also had the time available to spend writing after the youngest of five children had finally gone off to high school.

Her method for re-creating many of the stories was to revisit the numerous scrapbooks that she had kept throughout those times, and then used internet resources to locate old friends and capture past memories.

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