We are partnering with the great people at FanDuel to find a baseball card collection to present on throughout the entire 2011 season!

1978 Topps Baseball Card Set | Baseballisms.comSince 2008 we have posted a daily baseball card out of the personal collection of one of the site founders.  These cards elicit great dialogue from the community, as we reminisce about favorite players, favorite years and simply enjoy remembering the times when we collected baseball cards for the fun of it.

Now it’s time for you to share your collection!

Throughout December and January we are looking for submissions from you, telling us why your baseball cards should be posted each day throughout the 2011 season, right through to the final game of the World Series.

Make your case!

Do you have every Topps Rookie card?  Do you have a complete Series of a prominent year?    Do you have the most obscure players we can remember?  A great collection of mistake cards?  Tell everyone why your collection should be selected.  Be creative in your submission, but most importantly, be passionate about what these baseball cards mean to you.

We will post the submissions as we receive them, and then run them again in February to allow the community to choose the collection they want to see during the season.  After the selection, we will coordinate with the winner and begin posting the cards on Opening Day 2011!

Not only will we post your cards, you will receive a courtesy $100 account at, so that you can try your hand at their unique instant fantasy games, including Major League Baseball when the season starts in the spring. We will also distribute four $25 coupons as a thank you for your contributions. A classic tip of the cap to the cool people at for their support of

Can’t wait to get your submissions!  And as always … Hit it Hard Somewhere!


Cards from the Diamond

by on August 11, 2010

1974 Topps | John Hiller | Detroit Tigers | Baseballisms.com1974 Topps

John Hiller

Each day we feature something from our collection of childhood bubblegum memories.  For those who remember them, these baseball cards have their own stories to tell.

What does this card bring to mind for you? Please share in the comments!

We would love to hear from you. Send a Tweet to @baseballisms with a quick message, send us an email or visit our Upload page with a video message.  We look forward to growing a community of fans interested in the poetry of the game of baseball!


1969 Topps Francona Card

by on March 24, 2008

The Braves / Red Sox lineage remains strong to this day. This Tito is the paderfamilias!

Based upon the condition of this card, I’d have to say that it was once used in the spokes of a bicycle – I probably wasn’t too impressed by a guy named Tito.

Topps Francona | Baseballisms