We are honored to have author Cecilia Tan join us on this episode of Cover the Bases; Inside Thoughts from Baseball Writers.

Cecilia has written or edited numerous books on a wide range of subjects, and you can find them all at her personal web site Cecilia Tan.com.

She is also the writer at Why I Like Baseball, one of the oldest baseball blogs on the web, started before the term “blog” was even in existence!  Her baseball works include The Fenway Project, The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games, 75: The Red Sox Team that Saved Baseball, and she is the editor of the Yankees Annual every spring.

Cecilia joins us immediately following the New York Yankees clinching their 27th World Series Championship, to discuss her book The 50 Greatest Yankee Games50 Yankee

As we always do at Baseballisms.com we start off by finding out how Cecilia was compelled to write a book about Yankee baseball.

A serendipitous luncheon with the editor of her other titles ended in determining Cecilia needed to put together the ultimate book chronicling these greatest games.

Here at Baseballisms we like how her book is written in such a way that will provide context of the game and the season at hand, plus it tells the story building up to the real drama behind the moments that are indelibly etched in our minds or in the pages of history.

We talk about the 1904 game when Jack Chesbro threw away the American League pennant on a wild pitch.  History recounts the wayward spitball in many ways, but the outcome was the same.  This greatest game was a loss in the final game of the Championship Series of that era.

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