sal maglie

Sal Maglie was the other pitcher in some of the most memorable games in baseball history.  On this episode of Cover the Bases we speak with biographer Judith Testa, who provides us with insights into the story of  Sal Maglie: Baseball’s Demon Barber and how his persona (and nickname) transcends his baseball legacy. We also discuss those baseball moments that every fan will recognize and highlight Sal’s role in the game.

Sal Maglie | Judith Testa | Baseballisms.comAs we do with all guests on Cover the Bases, we start off by asking Judy what compelled her to write a book about a New York Giants pitcher who was usually the opponent for a young Brooklyn Dodgers fan growing up in the suburbs of New York.  As she eloquently states, she learned baseball along with the English language.  There was something fascinating about the pitcher on the Giants that conveyed menace through an old black and white television, and as an adult she remembered her feelings for the game and the player.

Maglie presented himself as the perfect subject for Judy to write about in a biography.

There is something romantic about a city with three major league baseball teams. This was an era when baseball coverage was in depth via newspaper and radio, and to a later extent television, so that the conversation and buzz around town was all about the team’s fortunes and the favorite players who performed on a nightly basis.

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