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The four part video post Baseballapalooza 1987 chronicled the journey of Frank, Joe and friends through New York, Philadelphia, Cincinatti and Pittsburgh on a whirlwind tour of ballparks and bars.

During the filming of my Baseballisms, I could hardly keep all of the information accurate due to reasons that become apparent.  As I mentioned in the introduction to the first video, Frank has a much better memory for the finer details of episodes like this.

As you will note in Part I of this exclusive audio podcast on, we were able to reconnect via the wonders of Facebook so that we could recount this historic trip.

During Part II we recall arriving in Cincinnati and Frank remembers that we were able to walk on the warning track of the field thanks to our friend Don.  One slight unfortunate element of Baseballapalooza 1987 is that most of the stadiums, Veterans, Riverfront and Three Rivers are all of the same ’70s vintage multipurpose Astroturf fields and were not the classic “retro” ballparks that have been built in their place… But we still had our share of adventure.

Don allowed us to stay over at his mother’s house across the river in Kentucky, and his hospitality lead to a very important aspect of our game “enjoyment” during the rain delay at Riverfront Stadium.  We give a special tip of the hat over 20 years later to the local EMT’s!

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Unfortunately, in Part IV of the video podcast I admit to not having any recollection of the affair in Pittsburgh so Frank brings to light the American Beer promotion in the parking lot that preceeded the game, and my run-ins with the Pittburgh Parrot mascot.

pirates-parrot |

Down in Front!!

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At the end of the trip we end up in Atlantic City to meet the last of our crew on the adventure .. Not only do we make a requisite visit to the local White Castles, but I end up winning back all of my spending money to top of an excellent trip!

Pay attention at the end as the knuckleheads struggle to get back home from Atlantic City .. and ramble off into recollections for future podcasts such as our trip to Florida for the Notre Dame vs. Miami football game during Tim Brown’s Heisman season.  Or the Bruce Springsteen concert to Saratoga Springs, where due to downpours they let the fans in early for the soundcheck, and he famously played Who’ll Stop the Rain …. and the rains stopped!

And if you are really crazy and you can stand to listen all the way to the end of the podcast .. and are the first to tell us in the comments what Frank and I did for our first entreprenurial venture, we’ll send you a Baseballisms T-shirt!

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It’s what is all about .. Everyone has a story that connects them emotionally with baseball as the catalyst.  Whether it is a Little League game, meeting a famous big leaguer, or going to a ballgame with Grandad, these are stories that need to be preserved. Frank and I will always have this Baseballapalooza tour to fondly reminisce about and now fortunately some of the missing elements have been recollected :-)


Our night carousing the bars somewhere along Broad Street in Philadelphia, and closing the Irish Bar at our hotel unfortunately resulted in Frank’s inability to contribute to the driving efforts on our way to Cincinnati.

A quick check of Mapquest today estimates the 570 mile drive at a whopping 9 hours and 26 minutes total time.  That’s a heck of a driving day for one guy stuffed into a small car that was topping off with fast food wrappers while his buddy reclined in the passenger seat.  But we are on our third leg after visiting Yankee Stadium and Veterans Stadium.

We made it to Riverfront Stadium in time to see the Reds beat the Houston Astros 6 – 4. Some interesting tidbits from looking over the box score (and certainly not using the memory banks) .. is that a .208 hitter batted third and went 1 for 4 with an RBI named Terry Francona! And some famous Reds names like Dave Concepcion, Dave Parker, Barry Larkin, Rod Oester, Nick Esasky, Paul O’Neill and John Franco all appeared in that rain delayed game.

We ended up after the game visiting the press box for some sweets and seeing the most famous Reds player of all zooming out of the parking lot in his white porsche.

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Baseballapalooza 1987 Part II

by on November 23, 2008

We’ve made it to Philadelphia …. After a long night in New York City watching the Red Sox and Yankees play at Yankee Stadium Frank and Joe have rolled into Philly to catch the Phillies and Pirates play what turns out to be a Monday doubleheader.  We had no idea that it was going to be two for the price of one when we made our trip plans, so you’ve got to love bonus baseball!

The amazing thing that is the internet provides us with which tells us that Game One was a Phillies 6 – 5 victory. Mike Jackson getting the win over Barry Jones (yikes!) .. with Steve Bedrosian getting the save.

Game Two was a Phillies trouncing of the Pirates 11- 3 that started out fast and furious with the Pirates scoring two in the top of the first and the Phillies with four in the bottom of the inning.

More importantly, are the escapades of the boys trying to navigate the subway system in Philadelphia, and meeting the effervescent Paula the ballgirl during game one.

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