We talk about women in baseball during Episode 2 of our conversation with Perry Barber. We had such a great time talking about baseball, umpiring, and even music, that I decided it would be best to split our time together into two programs for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!

We find out from Perry that her expected path to adulthood was by way of the usual assortment of life’s milestones, from debutante through married life and parenthood.  It was a suggestion of a different path by her mother, who observed Perry’s reading habits and musical output, that umpiring came into the picture.  Through this connection of baseball it allowed for a unique bond to develop between Perry and her mom.

The first umpire Perry ever met, and was deeply influenced by, was Ed Montague.  Her song The Umpire Stands Alone was written for him.  The book The Men in Blue: Conversations with Umpires by Larry Gerlach was the touchstone of her mother’s suggestion to pursue umpiring.

At her mother’s urging she went to umpire a Little League game in a town nearby, and after the odd looks from the players, she donned her balloon protector and proceeded to use any handy resource available (including Mom in the stands with a rule book) to call the game.  Following the game she had to withstand the letters to the newspaper requesting that she not return.

But prevail she did, through determination and an amazing rush of adrenaline as the target of direct hostility, Perry continued to develop her skills as a highly qualified arbiter of the game.

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