little league memories

This past Sunday was the annual celebration of Father’s Day .. a day to remember dear old dad and to reflect on how much of a presence he is in a child’s life. For generations, the game of baseball has been a common thread in families everywhere, allowing for bonds to be formed during long car rides to practice fields and for rituals to develop during games played at all levels. Getting to know Dad through sharing his passion for a game is a formative influence on a son or daughter.

The same can be said for music, particularly the type of music that has been nurtured and shared on country porches in the hills and valleys across the land. Sometimes the music can assist in telling histories and passing legends from generation to generation. It can be known as the Blues, it’s also known as Bluegrass, sometimes all encompassing known as Americana – but it’s ALWAYS known as authentic.

Here at Baseballisms we were honored this past Saturday night, the night before Father’s Day, to have been allowed a chance to capture some stories from a seminal force in the world of Americana music, and one who is widely known for his passion for baseball – Sam Bush.

…. and we are extremely humbled by the fact that the previous day, Sam’s father Charlie had passed away at the age of 89.

We will forever be thankful to Sam, for giving his time and for sharing with us a glimpse into his childhood, for speaking about his dad, … and for painfully recalling an intimidating opposing pitcher from his Little League days.

Make sure to check out More Wisdom from Sam Bush in Part Two of his baseballism.

Check out Sam on tour when he’s in your area .. and chances are you’ll catch him wearing some authentic team jersey.

If you have a story like Sam’s to share, please visit our Upload page. We look forward to receiving it!