Boston Red Sox

A Classy Organization

by on October 27, 2008

Sorry our Red Sox Nation didn’t make it to the finals, and maybe with Manny we might have. But I think it is a tribute to the organization that it cared enough about the morale of the team that it was willing to give up a man who obviously caused problems so that the remaining players would have peace of mind.

A personal example of that same kind of class follows.

My niece who now lives in San Diego but whose heart is in Red Sox Nation contracted cancer and has had a difficult time. I felt so helpless wanting to do something and not knowing what I could do. I decided to send an email to her passion, the Red Sox team, stating her love for the team and her situation and hoped that perhaps some token might be sent.

A man named Phil immediately responded wishing her well and saying something would be sent. I hoped maybe for a picture. Not only did a picture arrive but also a little packet containing soil from the Fenway Park infield. She was overjoyed.

October has always been the time that she made her trip to Boston to visit her family and share with them the joys of October. Between chemo sessions, the doctor gave permission for her to go back for a few days. She wanted to, even knowing the risks. She is back now. Wish we were in the series….but what about that 8-7 game! Class act all the way.



When I was 15, I realized I could walk from my high school, Girl’s Latin School, to Fenway Park and arrive during the 7th inning. I discovered at this point they were no longer taking admission tickets so I could get in free.

I saw all but two home games, and after all, the last innings are the most exciting anyway. I would then hang around until the players came out and would be able to talk to them. Yeh, I guess you could call me a baseball groupie.

After one of my missed games, this oh-so-adorable pitcher, Randy Heflin came over and asked where I was the day before. He said “You weren’t here so we lost the game.”

I was a Red Sox mascot and didn’t know it! Can you imagine how thrilled I was.