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Back in the summer of 1987 my buddy Frank Pazzanese and I decided that the very best vacation we could imagine would be a trip around the country watching baseball games!  We were just out of college, with a little pocket change and new wheels that would hold up under the miles we would travel … 

So we perused the MLB schedule, checked it against the driving distances and plotted out a trip that we have dubbed Baseballapalooza 1987.

Our trip took us to four stadiums that amazingly no longer exist … Yankee Stadium , Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, and  Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.  With a final stop in Atlantic City for some good luck casino hopping on the Fourth of July.

This video is the first episode in the four part installment recounting the adventures (and misadventures) of our two heroes and accompanying guests along the way.

Game one was a night game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees on June 27th, 1987.

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Check Part II of Baseballapalooza,  Next stop Philadelphia!


The adventures of Frank and Joe have taken us through a game at Yankee Stadium, Veterans Stadium for a doubleheader game, out to the home of the Big Red Machine, Riverfront Stadium in Cincinatti and now on to the final leg Three Rivers Stadium.

My ticket stub, which is now embedded forever in my brother Kevin’s bar, tells me that the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers on that particular day. tells me that Rick Reuschel beat Fernando Valenzuela 6-0 with the help of Bobby Bonnilla’s 3 for 4, one homer, five RBI day.  The Pirates lead off hitter that day was none other than Barry Bonds.

However, I have no recollection whatsoever of that game or day.  I’m sorry, it was the tail end of a long intensive road trip that was a memory of a lifetime – except for this particular game.

We stopped off in Atlantic City on the final leg home to meet up with some other friends.  I was down to the last of my cash and ended up at a roulette table for the first time in my life, and started putting chips down on reds, blacks, odds, evens and any other table combination that seemed to work.  It allowed me to get back all of the money that I had spent that entire trip!

For a kid just out of college is there a better definition of heaven?  Beer, Baseball and winning back your money gambling!

It was a great experience that we had hoped to reproduce for many years to come.  Frank and I talked about a California swing, a Chicago midwest trip, and any other combination we could have dreamt up.  Alas, life gets in the way some times and we never made any more baseball road trips (we still had a few concert road trips in us though – Bruce!!).

The tale is the definition of a Baseballism … we know that there are tons of stories like this out there just waiting to be told.  How about sharing them here with us!?!  What better way to pass the winter doldrums waiting for pitchers and catchers than talking about how baseball has impacted your life.

If you have a story you would like to share, please visit our Upload page. We look forward to receiving it!