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During the summer of 1975, while the Red Sox were thrilling Beantown with a team that according to Bill Nowlin, would go on to save baseball, a team of neighborhood kids banded together to rule the Lexington Summer League.

Stacking up some strong pitching performances with a fun cast of characters, these boys went on to collect their pride and joy championship jackets.

Budgets and stitching technologies in those days limited the per jacket costs the league was willing to spend, but this one was top notch!


Meet Lisa Jacobi. She is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with the band Steel String Session. You will want to catch them at a festival or bluegrass venue when you get the chance, and their latest release is called Ocoee Road.

But, if you were a fan of the Atlanta Braves during the 80’s you may remember the time when Chief Noc-a-homa had a little compadre – Princess Poc-a-homa.

During a lean period for the team, prior to their amazing success that began in the 90’s, an entrepreneurial teenager decided to head down to the front office to audition for a job.

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When I was 15, I realized I could walk from my high school, Girl’s Latin School, to Fenway Park and arrive during the 7th inning. I discovered at this point they were no longer taking admission tickets so I could get in free.

I saw all but two home games, and after all, the last innings are the most exciting anyway. I would then hang around until the players came out and would be able to talk to them. Yeh, I guess you could call me a baseball groupie.

After one of my missed games, this oh-so-adorable pitcher, Randy Heflin came over and asked where I was the day before. He said “You weren’t here so we lost the game.”

I was a Red Sox mascot and didn’t know it! Can you imagine how thrilled I was.



This baseballism is about a guy who has never left his Rick Monday Model, Spalding 42.3235 Baseball Glove behind. For 33 plus years it has been his trusty sidekick in any pickup game that may have come along.


Ricky Bottalico Ball

by on March 19, 2008

This Baseballism relates the story of a day at the ballpark where a little friendly banter results in a souvenir. Our heroes spend a day at Turner Field and get a ball from Ricky Bottalico of the Phillies.

Watching the Phillies reliever warm up Pat Burrell in the outfield instigated Cameron’s exhortation to “throw him some junk!”