For the 16th Legendary Game on Baseballisms we went in a slightly different direction.  We usually seek out intense back and forth affairs in a memorable World Series or playoff, as we present a batter by batter account of the game. This scoreboard represents the final out from a regular season game that we consider legendary for different reasons.

Legendary Game 17 Scoreboard

This force out at second represents an at bat by player-manager Mickey Cochrane of the Detroit Tigers, as called by radio (and PA) announcer Ty Tyson on WWJ.   According to this YouTube post, this is the oldest complete radio broadcast of a game known in existence.

If you have some time,  transport yourself back to an era when the lone radio announcer delivered the entire experience to a listening audience.  Picture yourself lying on the floor in a two story walkup in Detroit, under the buzz of an RCA, Philco or Emerson console radio, using your baseball card collection spread before you representing the action you hear.

Or maybe, you just ran into your grandfather’s house on this Thursday afternoon and came upon him sitting in his favorite chair, grumbling about how tough this Yankee lineup is, even with Babe Ruth taking the day off.   He is in a pretty good mood however because this Tigers team is on it’s way to winning over 100 games and the 1934 AL pennant before getting dunked by the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

Before you get into the game action, recognize the sponsorship of the White Star Mobile Gas company.

There are some fun moments along the way in the game such as when Tyson has to speak to others in the press box to catch up on the action or official scoring.  He also uses some unique words and phrases that help you immerse in the moment.   We do not want to step on your own experience of the broadcast, but here are a few of the favorites we encountered. [click to continue…]