Sox Fans Vent Via Wikipedia

by on October 9, 2009

You have to give some credit to a creative member of The Red Sox Nation who decided to use the WikiPedia page that existed for Major League Umpire CB Bucknor (he has a wiki page?) to voice some displeasure.

There were an extraordinary number of calls on close plays at first base during the first game of the Red Sox versus Angels 2009 ALDS, and upon viewing instant replay, it appeared that many of Bucknor’s calls were incorrect.

The final straw was on a play at first when the throw pulled firstbaseman Kevin Youkilis off the bag, however he made a sweep tag that caught the runner as he passed by.  Bucknor called the runner safe.

Shortly there after the twitterverse was pointing people in the direction of Bucknor’s Wiki page, laughing at his expense. Note the final sentence in this screen shot. Click the image below.

Shortly after the word spread, the page was corrected and locked for editing.  This screenshot is a lasting impression of the night’s umpiring.

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