Shep meets Billy Martin

by on April 1, 2008

Yankees fan Shep Tapasak retells his brush with Billy Martin during a doubleheader on Banner Day 1975, while he paraded around with a “Billy Can!” bedsheet. Of note, this is during the mid 70’s when Yankee Stadium was undergoing renovations, so the early days of “Billy Ball” were actually at Shea Stadium.

Shep also references Billy’s impact on future Hall of Famer, Rod Carew.

Thanks Shep! Here’s to the Yankees Fans of the World!

  • Renee Tapasak

    As Shep’s older sister(9 years older), I want to take some credit for his love of baseball. I used to walk him in his stroller to the ballpark in our town to watch Little League practice and games quite frequently. I also recall making a banner for him to bring to the game, but I do not remember which game it was. Give me some credit too Shep!

  • Renee Tapasak

    P.S. Unfortunately Chris, MIchael and Harold are now Rays fans!

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