Red Sox Nation Member circa 1945

by on May 7, 2008

When I was 15, I realized I could walk from my high school, Girl’s Latin School, to Fenway Park and arrive during the 7th inning. I discovered at this point they were no longer taking admission tickets so I could get in free.

I saw all but two home games, and after all, the last innings are the most exciting anyway. I would then hang around until the players came out and would be able to talk to them. Yeh, I guess you could call me a baseball groupie.

After one of my missed games, this oh-so-adorable pitcher, Randy Heflin came over and asked where I was the day before. He said “You weren’t here so we lost the game.”

I was a Red Sox mascot and didn’t know it! Can you imagine how thrilled I was.


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