Princess Poc-a-homa visits Baseballisms

by on May 9, 2008

Meet Lisa Jacobi. She is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with the band Steel String Session. You will want to catch them at a festival or bluegrass venue when you get the chance, and their latest release is called Ocoee Road.

But, if you were a fan of the Atlanta Braves during the 80’s you may remember the time when Chief Noc-a-homa had a little compadre – Princess Poc-a-homa.

During a lean period for the team, prior to their amazing success that began in the 90’s, an entrepreneurial teenager decided to head down to the front office to audition for a job.

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  • Cara

    it’s nice to see a lovely lady on this site :) women <3 baseball too ! We do make gorgeous mascots, but i also think that we are more than that, i would love to see more beautiful ladies playing baseball and representing themselves as more than just a pretty face!

    p.s. you should add “A League of their Own” to the list of movies !!

  • chris

    Hate to say it but I remember princess “poke a homa” as well as chief ‘Nocka Homa” at the Braves games in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Those were fun times at the ball park!

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