Cover the Bases Interview with Jane Heller

by on November 27, 2009

Not just for Yankees Fans and not just for She Fans! Confessions of a She-Fan: The Course of True Love with the New York Yankees by Jane Heller, is the story of a baseball fan’s rediscovery of the passion that makes the game of baseball so great.

We are honored to present Jane Heller on the Cover the Bases podcast.  Jane is the author of many romantic comedy novels, and you can find out about her titles and what’s on her mind at this Amazon Blog where she posts.  She also has a great Yankees blog that you should all subscribe to, but it’s her thoughts on the recently released book Confessions of a She-Fan that we are most interested in on the podcast.

The story begins when she writes an article and submits Confessions of a She Fan:  The Course of True Love with the New York Yankeesit to the New York Times Sports Page in 2007, indicating her displeasure with the Yankees and requesting a divorce! The fan backlash was loud and clear and caused her to look inward. It sparked the idea for going on the road with the team to write this book.

By hitting the road, Jane was able to see how fans in other cities interact with their local ballclub, whether they have a history of winning or not.  She was able to admit that she had been spoiled by the riches of the Yankee Dynasty, and witnessed baseball fans at the purest level.

During a visit to Kansas City, waiting for the Royals Express bus to head to Kauffman Stadium, Jane has an “Ah-Ha” moment where she interacts with some hard core She Fans.  The connections made during the trip were beyond just the passionate baseball fans, and female fans attending ballgames, it also included Jane’s husband who accompanied her on this journey.

Jane relates how the She Fan title came about as a distinguishing term for the way in which women and men interact with the game, and a subtle difference in the important factors of fandom for each gender.  The title does have a funny origin, back to the She-Demons sci-fi cult classic!

By the Way — big props from Baseballisms to Jane for scoring all the ball games, not just during her trip but even now as she watches the games! (We once thought it would be a great idea during a roadtrip as well)…

Finally, we talk with Jane about her early years as a fan of the Yankees, how her Grandfathers both influenced her love of the Mickey Mantle era teams, and we compare them to the current Derek Jeter teams.  All baseball fans should take note of the accomplishment when Jeter reaches the 3000 hit mark, the first Yankee in history.

We express our gratitude to Jane Heller for taking the time to appear on Cover the Bases with us, and look forward to keeping up with more of her writings by visiting her blog at, and visiting with her at all of her social media profiles.

Follow this link to pick up a copy of Confessions of a She-Fan: The Course of True Love with the New York Yankees today. Hopefully you will connect with your own baseball passions through the words of Jane Heller!

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