Our Fourth Legendary Game Scoreboards

by on June 17, 2009

Yesterday we reached the conclusion of the fourth Legendary Game we have presented batter by batter in the “hidden” scoreboards on the Baseballisms web site.

We try to find games that have some emotional meaning either for us as fans (Gibson’s Homer, Leyritz’ Homer, ’86 World Series), or we try to put ourselves in the shoes of other fans who may have had their own indelible response to the events that took place.

As our friend Shawn Collins or any other New York Yankee fan could attest, this recent game we highlighted, Don Larsen’s Perfect Game during the 1956 World Series, has to be one of the most remarkable accomplishments in team history.  A remarkable accomplishment in baseball history period!

It is hard to imagine what the media crush might be if this feat were to be repeated in this day and age.  In 1956, the only live coverage would be from the radio & TV stations across the country that happened to pick up this day game broadcast. The analysis and breakdown of the game happened in the daily newspapers .. the following day!

Today it would be a night game so it would go late into the evening, and it would begin to gather some trending topic mentions on Twitter while it was happening.  This would really build up momentum as the unmentionable perfect game was in progress!

Then, I believe that you might begin to see some live cut-ins from ESPN and other sports networks, although they would be restricted from showing actual footage due to the exclusivity of the broadcasting network .. you might still have some anchors beginning to do some spots.

The pressure of the situation would almost be unbearable for fans and players alike (I know I had a hard time watching Randy Johnson’s perfect game against the Braves in ’04).  On the field each player would be starting to realize that they better make all the plays otherwise they might be a victim of seeing themselves in a “Buckner moment” over and over again in the media.

Finally upon successfully completing the perfect game, footage would be transmitted across the globe instantaneously, social networks would be buzzing with posts and comments, the sports networks would be thrashing to get good insights into the player and the moment by interviewing every player, coach, even locker room attendants …. and of course the pitcher would be instantly receiving invitations to appear everywhere from Disney World to a request to post his own Baseballism on this site!

We applaud the amazing accomplishment of Don Larsen and would love to see it happen again.  May it happen to the right guy!

We hope you enjoy these little games that we produce every single day .. check out Our Fifth Legendary Game beginning tomorrow and let us know in the comments if you have any guesses as to which one we are presenting.

And if you have your own personal Baseball story that you would like to share, please visit our Upload page. We look forward to receiving it!

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