Generations of New York Mets Fans

by Cool Papa C on February 16, 2010

While sailing the Caribbean aboard the cruise ship Adventure of the Seas, a baseball fan named Mike Walter decided to open up about the influential moment in his life when he became a fan of the New York Mets.   At the first stately dinner gathering, everyone around the table introduced themselves and of course their favorite baseball team including Red Sox, Cardinals, Braves and Mike and his Mets. Each night at dinner, and every other moment spent relaxing, the topic of conversation was baseball ….

Thanks to Mike for his submission.  We hope you enjoy his baseball story.

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  • Perry

    What a lovely, funny story about becoming a Mets fan. I love it that it was his grandmother who first made him aware of them – on her way to the bathroom! A simple throwaway question – “how are those Mets doing?” – as she passed by a stranger changed his life. The love for baseball and a particular team begins in many strange and beautiful ways, and can last a lifetime.

  • billmiller81

    Nice story from Mike about becoming a Mets fan. I remember I became a fan when I was eleven years old in 1974. My father and his step-father took my brother and I to Shea Stadium in August. It was extremely hot and humid that day, and my dad and his father stayed in the shade under the grandstands, but my younger brother and I stayed there in the hot sun the whole game watching the Mets play the Dodgers. I can't even remember who won the game, or who pitched, but I do remember noticing how the crisp white or gray uniforms of the players contrasted nicely with the beautiful green grass of the outfield. I think I might still have the scorecard from that game somewhere. Anyway, from that day on, I've been a Mets fan.

  • joemagennis

    Hi Perry, Hi Bill … it really is a great aspect of the game that rooting interests can be passed from generation to generation. We hope to collect and share as many stories here as possible because our stories, fan stories, are as integral to the game as the stories that played out on the diamond. I find the divided households such as the ones found in New York City during the 40's and 50's fascinating, as it impacted the generational bonds. I wonder if Mike's grandmother had a favorite team that headed west at some point, and she transferred rooting interest to the Mets. Our stories are diverse and deep.

    So many of my recollections are burned into my visual memory .. like you Bill I can “see” things as I think about various baseball moments.

    Thanks again to Mike .. and to you both for responding to his story!

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