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by on June 11, 2012

Topps 1968 Baseball Card | John O'Donoghue | Baltimore Orioles | Baseballisms.comJohn O’Donoghue What game is this?



Each day we feature something from our collection of childhood bubblegum memories.  For those who remember them, these baseball cards have their own stories to tell.

Do you have a collections of cards that you would like featured on the daily Cards from the Diamond?

Tell us about your collection.  Send a Tweet to @baseballisms or email us with your details!

  • Tims123

    John is the person mentioned in Jim Bouton’s classic book, “Ball Four” about receiving his supply of “Greenies” in the mail.  My involvement in this event is detailed in my book, “Beating Around the Bushes”.

  • Cliff

    Really love John’s hair.  Here’s some more great do’s from the 60s:

  • joemagennis

    Cliff .. you’ve got a fun site going on there!  You’ve certainly got alot of material to work from .. keep them coming. 

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