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by on December 23, 2012

Topps 1988 Baseball Card | Gus Polidor | California Angels | Baseballisms.comGus Polidor



We are pleased to share bubblegum memories from Scott, a brother of Baseballisms.  This collection will represent a slightly different era, so please enjoy this special presentation.

Do you have a collections of cards that you would like featured on the daily Cards from the Diamond?

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What game is this?

  • Timothy W. Shirer

    I was  a huge baseball card collector in the 1970’s and 80’s I remember that card like it was yesterday.  I love your posts with old baseball cards brings back great memories.

  • joemagennis

    Thanks Tim! Happy Holidays .. these cards really do jog the memory banks.  Do you have a favorite series?  I’ve always liked the dark borders around the ’71 Topps. 

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