Franks Remembers Baseballapalooza 1987

by on January 30, 2009

The four part video post Baseballapalooza 1987 chronicled the journey of Frank, Joe and friends through New York, Philadelphia, Cincinatti and Pittsburgh on a whirlwind tour of ballparks and bars.

During the filming of my Baseballisms, I could hardly keep all of the information accurate due to reasons that become apparent.  As I mentioned in the introduction to the first video, Frank has a much better memory for the finer details of episodes like this.

Frank and I haven’t been able to get together much since his career has taken him across the country and settled him into California, while I am in Atlanta …. but through the networking of Facebook, we have been able to get in touch again and relive some great memories.

It’s what is all about .. Everyone has a story that connects them emotionally with baseball as the catalyst.  Whether it is a Little League game, meeting a famous big leaguer, or going to a ballgame with Grandad, these are stories that need to be preserved. Frank and I will always have this Baseballapalooza tour to fondly reminisce about and now fortunately some of the missing elements have been recollected :-)

Listen to this podcast and you will get many of the details filled in that I just could not call up in the memory banks.  Starting with my mistake as to who attended our trip to NY.  Frank’s future wife Elizabeth (Sorry!) was the fifth on our misadventure to the Bronx.  Frank also recalls situations such as trying to hail a cab following the night game, and making a LaGuardia run to drop off our guests the following day.Yankee Pennant |

We also get into the finer details of our days in Philadelphia, including a free concert by Chuck Berry at Penn’s Landing, Frank’s description of our subway ride and the visit to the local pub since we arrived so early for the game.  He recalls a late night Irish bartender and finally trouble with check out times at the hotel before departing for our next leg of the trip.

Phillies Pennant | Baseballisms.comCheck back because as soon as our sides stop hurting from laughing so much, we will record the second part of our great Baseballapalooza adventure.

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Check back for part II of Frank Remembers Baseballapalooza when we take off for Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Atlantic City.

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