Our Fifth Legendary Game

by on September 28, 2009

Yesterday we reached the conclusion of our fifth Legendary Game, presented batter by batter in the “hidden” scoreboards on the Baseballisms.com web site.

Fifth Legendary Game Final Scoreboard | Toronto Blue Jays 1993 World Series Champs

We try to find games that have some emotional meaning, either for us as fans (Gibson’s Homer, Leyritz’ Homer, ‘86 World Series), or we try to put ourselves in the shoes of other fans who may have had their own indelible response to the amazing events (Larsen’s Perfect Game) that took place.

Our fifth Legendary Game took us to The Skydome in Toronto for the 1993 World Series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies.  This is the Joe Carter, bottom of the ninth, 3-run home run off of closer Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams game.

We liked some of the names that appeared in this series;  Carter, Molitor, Alomar, Olerud, Morris, Stewart, Stottlemyre and Timlin for the Jays. Daulton, Kruk, Dykstra, Schilling, Greene and Mulholland for the Phils.

Of course, it came down to the very last batter and has a spine tingling broadcast call from Tom Cheek. It all makes for a Legendary Game for certain!

Isn’t this the dream of every Little Leaguer? Didn’t you pretend this happened when you were playing whiffle ball or stick ball in the driveway?  A seventh game, bottom of the ninth inning, no doubt home run to win the World Series! Congratulations Joe Carter, you achieved the ultimate dream of every baseball player….

But here at Baseballisms we also love the personal stories, and for me, this game reminds me of attending my buddy Frank’s wedding, and then migrating over to a bar in downtown Hyannis Ma. called The 19th Tavern.  The Game was on a little TV screen over the far end of the bar where my brother Kevin and I watched with great interest.  We both can recall Sean McDonough’s description over the sound of the crowded pub.

We hope you enjoy these little games that we produce every single day .. check out our Sixth Legendary Game beginning tomorrow, and let us know in the comments if you have any guesses as to which one we are presenting.  The first to guess correctly (Game Five winner @Faceyman) gets a Baseballisms t-shirt!

Also, take some time to vote for you favorite from the Legendary Game we have presented so far.  You can take the poll in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page.

We would also like to thank a couple of web sites which are so valuable to pulling these Legendary Games together.  The great Baseball Almanac helps us with the rosters and uniform numbers, while Baseball-Reference gives us the play by play accounts of the game. Thanks again for all of your awesome work!

We would love to hear from you. Send a Tweet to @baseballisms with a quick message, send us an email or visit our Upload page with a video message.  We look forward to growing a community of fans interested in the poetry of the game of baseball!

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