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by on March 14, 2010

1989 Topps

Craig McMurtry

Each day we feature something from our collection of childhood bubblegum memories.  For those who remember them, these baseball cards have their own stories to tell.

What does this card bring to mind for you? Please share in the comments!

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  • danielfarmer

    ah, 1989 topps. it was christmas. i was 7. i received my first 'box' of baseball cards. the box meaning (to me): the box the packs come in unopened. so a box equals about 24 packs. at least it used to. i'm not sure if the terminology is the same for everyone… i was supposed to 'play santa' for that christmas – giving out the presents to each family member one at a time. but when i opened up the 1989 topps box of cards, duties were reassigned. i was young enough to see the value in every card. and each pack was a treasure. it didn't have to be just the randy johnson expos card. 1989 topps will always have sentimental value for me. when i buy packs today, i feel i'm 'old enough' to see the value in every card again.

  • joemagennis

    Daniel, that sounds like a perfect christmas gift even if it did mean you relinquished your santa duties :-) … Coincidentally, 1989 is the only box that I ever owned. It was many years after I had stopped spending my paper route money and was offered the entire series box. This was during the real heyday of the collecting craze and I had visions of saving the box as a future asset – lol. One day I realized that I was getting zero enjoyment out of an unopened box set sitting in my closet, so I cracked it opened and discovered many of the names we will be seeing in upcoming Hall of Fame classes – Dawson, Maddux, Glavine, Johnson … Much more fun than a dusty box!

    Thanks for the comment – Stay in touch!

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