A Friend of Baseballisms, Rickey Scarbrough, is the founder of Maggie’s Hope.  The Mission of Maggie’s Hope is to reach out to families who might be in need of funding for unfunded co-pays, alternative treatments and access to special dietary solutions. He hosted a special Autism Awareness Day at Turner Field, and was so kind to share his story with us. You can keep up with his efforts via Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for sharing Rickey!


Maggies Hope | Autism Awareness Day | Baseballisms.comSunday morning, 29 August 2010, 0900, we pulled the truck into a spot located near the front of the Green Parking Lot at Turner Field, Atlanta Georgia. I kill the engine and glance over my shoulder pausing, if only for a brief moment. “Let’s do it” I say with guarded confidence. Our team springs into action. Gathering our gear I give a nod to my First Mate and Daughter Mia E Scarbrough. Her eyes tell me everything I need to know. Good to go. Her journey to this point in life has been no picnic. Maggie gets a lot of press, and is the face of our organization. Maggie’s therapy, diet, IEP, supplementation, meltdowns and recovery are forever walking point at Scarbrough Headquarters {HQ}. Mia is the un-sung hero, quietly living her life, loving her sister and excelling at everything she tries, all with the compassion and grace far beyond her nine years. I am proud to have her at my side and together we will bring our message to the masses preparing to enjoy our nation’s pastime.

For today’s mission we have secured the assistance of my assistant and first cousin Jennifer W Garten and her husband Stephen. Decked out in their Maggie’s Hope Battle Dress Uniforms {BDU}, they set up position at my flank and gather our essential gear. Ballpoint pen, check. Maggie’s Hope flyer, check. Info Sheet, check, grub {granola bar, plain}, check. Embarking on their first mission {greener} they have yet to develop the thousand yard stare, but do not let that fool you. Their commitment is mission critical and having walked in formation at the Atlantic Station sortie two years in a row they are no stranger to our movement.

Our contact intercepts us at the rendezvous point and lays out the logistics of today’s activities. Thankfully they special ordered overcast weather, nothing like preaching Autism Activism while dancing around to keep the souls of your shoes from melting in place. A small chance of precipitation does not dampen our  spirit and we go about arming the booth and establishing a perimeter. I scout the immediate area and recognize our allies. Odd that the bigger Autism organizations opted out, no matter we have a small but committed contingency. Making my way from position to position I catch up with old friends and sign on some new ones. I am honored to stand among you.

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Baseball Fan Jen Errigo’s Twitter submissions to reprinted with permission. Baseball is a generational game, many times a passion that is passed from family member to family member.  We thank Jen for sharing her first visit to Yankee Stadium and how her rooting interest was stoked at an early age ….

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While sailing the Caribbean aboard the cruise ship Adventure of the Seas, a baseball fan named Mike Walter decided to open up about the influential moment in his life when he became a fan of the New York Mets.   At the first stately dinner gathering, everyone around the table introduced themselves and of course their favorite baseball team including Red Sox, Cardinals, Braves and Mike and his Mets. Each night at dinner, and every other moment spent relaxing, the topic of conversation was baseball ….

Thanks to Mike for his submission.  We hope you enjoy his baseball story.

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In Honor of Annabelle Lee

by on January 28, 2010

Sue Macy’s submission to reprinted with permission.  Note – Sue Macy mentioned Annabelle Lee during the recording of our Cover the Bases podcast discussing her book A Whole New Ball Game: The Story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.  When I watched the documentary Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey on the MLB Network, and saw Annabelle prominently featured discussing her nephew Bill, I reached out to Sue.  Here is her response:

“Annabelle died in the summer of 2008, which just happened to be when I got a new cat. I named her Annabelle Lee. She’s not a lefty as far as I can tell, but she definitely has Annabelle’s spunk.”

Thanks Sue!  A great tale from a true baseball fan …


A Classy Organization

by on October 27, 2008

Sorry our Red Sox Nation didn’t make it to the finals, and maybe with Manny we might have. But I think it is a tribute to the organization that it cared enough about the morale of the team that it was willing to give up a man who obviously caused problems so that the remaining players would have peace of mind.

A personal example of that same kind of class follows.

My niece who now lives in San Diego but whose heart is in Red Sox Nation contracted cancer and has had a difficult time. I felt so helpless wanting to do something and not knowing what I could do. I decided to send an email to her passion, the Red Sox team, stating her love for the team and her situation and hoped that perhaps some token might be sent.

A man named Phil immediately responded wishing her well and saying something would be sent. I hoped maybe for a picture. Not only did a picture arrive but also a little packet containing soil from the Fenway Park infield. She was overjoyed.

October has always been the time that she made her trip to Boston to visit her family and share with them the joys of October. Between chemo sessions, the doctor gave permission for her to go back for a few days. She wanted to, even knowing the risks. She is back now. Wish we were in the series….but what about that 8-7 game! Class act all the way.